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June 6, 2017

Are Cycling Skinsuits Aerodynamic?

Wearing a skinsuit instead of a two-piece cycling kit offers one of the greatest aerodynamic advantages available, more so than switching to an aerodynamic bike. How is that possible? Most of the wind resistance experienced while cycling is caused by the cyclist’s own body (about 70%), with the rest coming from the bike, wheels and

May 11, 2017

How to improve your aero position on the TT bike

If you look at a pro-cyclist’s form while in the TT position, you’ll notice that their pedal rotations are smooth yet their upper bodies remain rigid. A strong core provides stability, which allows cyclists to output high power comfortably while flexibility allows cyclists to simultaneously sustain aero positions. Unfortunately, many cyclists neglect to develop their

May 5, 2017

Which is the Fastest Aero Road Bike of 2017?

Almost every bike manufacturer offers an aero-specific road bike -aerodynamically designed with skinny, airfoil-shaped tubes, integrated brakes, and/or internal cable routing. These bikes are meant to go faster on the flats than their climbing and endurance counterparts. A climbing bike might be faster than an aero bike on a hilly course because the aero advantage

April 20, 2017

A Guide to Buying Aero Bike Gear, Part 2: fine-tuning the aero setup

In Part 1 of A Guide to Buying Aero Bike Gear we discussed a few low cost aerodynamic gear options offering lots of savings in watts. In Part 2, we’ll discuss some of the higher cost pieces that should be part of any aero setup. Let’s get started.   Wind Tunnel Positioning With the increasing popularity

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